There’s nothing like a home-cooked meal, but if your oven is not working, it won’t be possible to cook. An oven is an essential component of any kitchen and one of the most used appliances in a home. Regardless of whether you use your oven every day, you will need it to get through the week, so it has to be in good working condition.

If your oven is not working, it’s likely because of one of the following reasons. This guide will highlight both the problem and how you can fix the issue:

The Gas Stove Will Not Light

If you have a gas stove and the electric ignition is not working, you can light the range burners with a match. If the burners still won’t light, and the issue isn’t caused by an obvious problem like a power outage, the following steps will help you troubleshoot the issue:

  • Remove the burner grate, burner cap and burner base.
  • Clean any food debris from the burner using either a toothpick or compressed air. 
  • Clean the grate, cap and case.
  • Check the wires connecting the igniter to the control module and tighten them if you notice a loose connection. 

If these steps do not solve the problem, the igniter may need to be replaced, or there may be a kink in the gas line. It’s best to contact professional appliance repair technicians in Montreal for these issues, as they are hazardous. 

The Range Burner Will Not Heat

If you have an electric stove, range burners need electricity to heat up. Unfortunately, these burners sometimes break and need to be replaced. The following steps may help you solve this problem:

  • Switch out the faulty burner with one that works. Unplug it from the burner socket, and plug in the one that works. 
  • If the working burner heats up, all you have to do is replace the original one. 
  • If the working burner does not heat up, the socket may be the issue. If it looks burned or damaged, a replacement may be necessary. 
  • Test your burner again and if it still does not work, test the infinite switch and replace it if needed. 

The Oven Will Not Heat 

In most cases, this results from a faulty igniter for a gas oven or a heating element for an electric oven. You can try replacing the heating element or igniter yourself if you:

  • Turn off the power to your oven before servicing it. 
  • Use a screwdriver to remove the old igniter or heating element, both of which are usually located inside the oven. 
  • Remove the broiler or storage drawer to get to your igniter. 

If your heating element is hidden, you need to contact a professional appliance repair technician in Montreal because they can replace it safely and provide you with the right solutions. The same is true if a gas oven is not working and you have faulty gas burners because the problem is likely the gas line, and this job will require the skills and experience of a trained professional. 

The Oven Will Not Heat to the Right Temperature

This may be the result of an issue with the temperature sensor or the heating element, and the following steps can help fix this problem:

  • Make sure the sensor is not touching the inside wall of the oven. 
  • Make sure the sensor is functional using an ohmmeter. The resistance should rise as the temperature in the oven increases, and if the ohmmeter indicates that the sensor is not working, replace it. 
  • If a gas oven’s heating issue persists after replacing the temperature sensor, the gas igniter may be defective. Follow the same steps as when your oven is not heating. 
  • Recalibrate the oven after everything has been checked or replaced. 
  • Heat your oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit and check the temperature inside the oven using an oven thermometer after 20 minutes. Continue checking the temperature every 20 minutes for the next couple of hours. Add the sum of the temperature readings and divide by the number of readings you took to get the oven’s average temperature. 
  • Make adjustments to the oven temperature dial accordingly. 

The Oven Door Will Not Shut

It is very dangerous to use an oven that won’t shut. Follow the steps below before using the oven again.

  • Unplug your oven (turn off the gas if you have a gas model.) 
  • Remove the door from the oven by pulling it straight up and out. Alternatively, if you can’t pull up, unscrew any screws holding the hinges in place inside your oven. 
  • Check your hinges and replace them if necessary. 
  • Examine for broken door springs and remove them with pliers. Replace them and rewrap the ends of the new springs around the bolts. 
  • Replace the oven door gasket. The door sensor may need to be replaced if the oven door still doesn’t close.

The Interior Light is Off

Similar to other lightbulbs around your home, the one inside your oven will eventually go out. But this is a simple problem to fix, and you can easily replace your oven light. Remove the bulb cover and remove the old bulb by pulling it straight out. Install the new bulb using a dry cloth or gloves, and make sure it is the same type as the old one. 


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