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Montreal’s Appliance Repair Experts

Montreal’s Appliance Repair Experts

How often has your washer, dryer, microwave, oven, or stove malfunctioned and caused a slight internal panic? We’ve been there—we know the feeling.

That’s why we first entered the business to provide quality services for Home Appliance repair in Montreal. As Murphy’s Law dictates, what can go wrong will go wrong, and at the most inconvenient times.

When it comes to your Montreal appliance repair, you can rest assured knowing that you have a team like Canada Appliance Services ready to help.

We Are a Queer-Owned Business

As queer individuals ourselves, we understand the importance of finding safe and inclusive environments where you can be your authentic self. This holds true when inviting professionals into your home. You may have questions like:

  • Will you have to remove pictures to make others feel comfortable?
  • Will you change the way you speak?
  • Will you change the way you dress?
  • Will you ask a friend to be present?

Our company strives to provide high quality work while ensuring all customers feel safe, respected and comfortable in their own homes. By creating an inclusive space for LGBTQ+ clients, we hope to set an example for younger queer individuals who may have lacked similar visibility growing up.

Appliance Repair Services in Montreal, QC

Contact our technicians today if you’ve been searching for appliance repair near you. We are partnered with many leading appliance brands, manufacturers and suppliers. What does this mean for you? It means that we have direct access to the correct components for your appliances to make for simple, straightforward, and professional Appliance Repair. Montreal trusts our experts—fill out an online inquiry for a quick response within 24 hours!

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